Happy Weekend!


Yesterday, Mili had a fun play date at the Bryant Park — one of my favorite parks in the city. Wishing you a happy weekend with the photos I took then… :) xo Hijiri

City Posters

I’m always drawn to prints/posters that are city related… I have a few city map collections, I’ve been thinking of adding a few more to the family… and these are calling my name.

New York Print by Blanca Gómez:

San Francisco Poster by Fleet Street Scandal:

Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island

So I mentioned that I went to the Governors Island over the weekend, it was for the ’20s Lazz Age Lawn Party! It was so cute, everyone was dressed up as if it was in ’20s and danced to a live jazz music and had picnic in the lawn :) I had to share some photos… enjoy! ((By the way, it’s only 5 minute ferry ride from Brooklyn Pier 6! It was so so close, I was in shock!))

Going through the fort in Governors Island…

and there was another world…

The (always) lovely girl friends:

Very lively Jazz Band:

A cute couple :)

They were awesome!

and we ended the fun with a great view! (Click the image to see larger)

New York Post has some photos from this event, too, check them out!