Today’s Bridge 2.26.13


It’s definitely getting warmer here in NYC… A little by little… It’s almost March, spring is right around the corner… Can’t wait for the warmer weather! Went to the park today real quick to say hi to the bridges :)

Today’s Bridge 1.29.13


A late night post, but it was a gorgeous day today here in NYC. 45 degrees never felt this warm! ha! So of course, we got everyone together and went to the Brooklyn Bridge park. Everything was sparkly after the snow and rain yesterday, it was so pretty.



We went by the carousel, too, they were cleaning the glass windows so it was open — such a beautiful thing! Can’t wait to go back with Mili…


Today’s Bridge 8.23.12


Oops, I forgot to post this last week… last Thursday to be exact. We’ve been enjoying a whole family walk in the morning lately and this is taken from John Street…

Hope you all had a nice weekend! xo

Today’s Bridge 6.11.12


One more Today’s Bridge picture from this morning. Ever since the weather got nicer, I always take Mili and Maia out in the morning and stop by here. It’s been a great way to start the day!