The always amazing swissmiss launched the Tattly today! They offer designy temporary tattoos :) How fun! I especially like this Tattone 5K1 N by Josh Smith:

and this Type Nerd by lovely Jessica Hische:

I might have to grab some for fun and for my designy friends… There are more, look around here!

AIGA | NY Presents: Tina Roth Eisenberg

Last night, after my work (I’ve been freelancing at the agency in soho this week) I stopped by Apple Store to see Tina speaks… yes, she is the swissmiss!

When I got there, she was talking about Swiss designs (I have to visit Switzerland seems like full of cool designs!), and then she talked about coming to NY and her work that she is proud of, and then about her blog, swissmiss she was so inspiring, oh my god, I am so glad I got to see her speak!

Tina and her developer John, answering questions from audience.

and this is where she gets all the cool stuff from!!

I was really inspired, thank you, Tina!!

Apple and AIGA are having “Pro Sessions: Design Remixed every month (check your own city SF, LA, and NY), and next month in NY, it’s Hillman Curtis!! Ohhhhhh, I have to go to this one for sure!!!