DUMBO Arts Festival 2012 Part 2

dumbo arts 2012

Continue posting about DUMBO Arts Festival 2012… These gold art installation was actually on the water, it looked so cool:

Moss animals!

dumbo arts 2012

dumbo arts 2012

dumbo arts 2012

Above the Powerhouse Arena…

dumbo arts 2012

and these pieces (there were three) were my favorite — A live performance on top of the sculpture. She was moving slowly and smoothly, it was so beautiful.

dumbo arts 2012

dumbo arts 2012

And cool lighting by the Manhattan Bridge archway. I couldn’t see the show, but just looking at this made me happy :)

dumbo arts 2012

Looking forward to next year!

DUMBO Arts Festival 2012 Part 1



Last weekend was the Dumbo Arts Festival and even though I only had a little bit of time on Friday evening and Saturday during the day, I saw lots of great arts again this year. (Search for posts from 2010 and 2011 if you are interested seeing the previous years posts) I am posting some photos today and tomorrow, enjoy!

The first two — Saw these big sculpture guys on top of a truck…

Below: Some crazy lighting…


This was really cool — a big quilt-like scarf hanged by the water and it was making different shapes and patterns as the wind blows… Mili loved looking at it, too!



Saw / found lots of art installations in the park…







To be continued…

Found Art: Brooklyn Bridge Park


I love fining art in a park — when I came back, there are few art installations in Brooklyn Bridge park. Took some photos to share :)


Right under the Manhattan Bridge (above)

and this one stands out in the park for sure. (below)


Anthropologie Store Display


I was so stoked that I had a chance to stop by Anthropologie store in Rockefeller Center last week — it’s like going to a museum! Their styling and art direction of the whole store is always so impressive. Above is a window display; it looks like an artist’s studio — love how you can tell the story!

Below is an interesting installation by using yarns and chairs… there are few throughout the store…


and this installation below is made with bunch of fluorescent tube bulbs, definitely caught my eye.



Happy creative year! xo Hijiri