Hearts in San Francisco

After watching last night’s World Series game 1, my heart is in San Francisco <3 Love watching the AT&T park and San Francisco city views on TV, makes me miss it there.

These photos are one of the “Hearts in San Francisco” installation in Union Square I saw this July.

Looking forward to the game 2 tonight… and seeing you on TV, SF!

Benesse House Museum Outdoor Works and Park

Took me a bit, but this will be my last post from Naoshima. Looking back, I really loved everything and I still have to see the Art House Project and the Naoshima Bath “I heart Yu” so I’m definitely going back there…

Today, I will share some photos I took from the Museum outdoor works and Benesse House Park work — I wanted to spend a little more time! Never enough time.

George Ricky Three Squares Vertical Diagonal , 1972-82:

These were moving by the wind and you can touch them and move them around, too.

Always changing by the weather, by the people… very interesting…

Walter De Maria Seen/Unseen Known/Unknown , 2000

We saw a huge work of Walter De Maria work at the Chichu Art Museum, this seemed like a piece from the work…

Shinro Ohtake Shipyard Works: Cut Bow , 1990

Shinro Ohtake Shipyard Works: Stern with Hole , 1990

These were side by side, right by the private beach. Love the atmosphere and backdrop with the art…

When we got to the Park area, we had a nice lunch and explored a little bit inside of the Park building (wish we had more time) — on the way, we passed this beautiful wall of art, I was so drawn to it. The colors, thousands of mirror-like squares, the patterns… it was really breathtaking. I want a wall like this in my house… someday. :)

Teresita Fernández Blind Blue Landscape , 2009

George Rickey Peristyle V , 1963-95

Another work from George Rickey and these were moving by the wind as well. Very cool and soothing to look at.

and this has been used to represent Naoshima art in a lot of places so I wanted to see it in person.

Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin , 1994-2005

and here it is! Photos taken by me :)

It’s placed in a little pier itself and it looks so awesome! I don’t know why, but it feels very summer vacation to me… doesn’t it?! :)

I will be back, Naoshima!