Etsy Craft Fair


Wow. I just found this post as a draft from June 2015!! I guess I never published this… Mili is so small and her hair is so short…

We went to Etsy‘s craft fair at the Archway in DUMBO then. She made a necklace :)

Found Art: New Mural in Archway


It’s always exciting to find a new mural in my neighborhood, especially, when you see the artist(s) working on it! I saw these guys working on the new mural in the Archway for few days and it is completed.


Such a tedious work! It looks awesome, though!




(I can’t believe I couldn’t post anything since June 3rd… Life is way busy with a toddler…)

DUMBO Arts Festival 2012 Part 2

dumbo arts 2012

Continue posting about DUMBO Arts Festival 2012… These gold art installation was actually on the water, it looked so cool:

Moss animals!

dumbo arts 2012

dumbo arts 2012

dumbo arts 2012

Above the Powerhouse Arena…

dumbo arts 2012

and these pieces (there were three) were my favorite — A live performance on top of the sculpture. She was moving slowly and smoothly, it was so beautiful.

dumbo arts 2012

dumbo arts 2012

And cool lighting by the Manhattan Bridge archway. I couldn’t see the show, but just looking at this made me happy :)

dumbo arts 2012

Looking forward to next year!

Sing for Hope Pop-up Piano at the Archway

Remember this post? Well, the knitted grand piano is at the Manhattan Bridge Archway and already being enjoyed by many people! It’s for “Sing for Hope“; the piano will be available to be played by all who pass by. More on DUMBO NYC blog and their website.

Someone was playing the piano every 3 times I passed by yesterday! and they are all so good, it made me smile :)

What a great and happy installation!

and yes, the knitted grand piano was by the olek.