Found Art: Brooklyn Bridge Park


I love fining art in a park — when I came back, there are few art installations in Brooklyn Bridge park. Took some photos to share :)


Right under the Manhattan Bridge (above)

and this one stands out in the park for sure. (below)


Pearl Street Triangle Mural


Artist David Ellis finished painting the Pearl Street Triangle last week, but the triangle area still has been closed as of today… It was great to see the progress everyday for like 4-5 days, it was changing everyday.



More about it and the whole mural image (not the completed one yet) here.

Happy Found Tuesday!

Found Art: I r o NY


I found this a while ago and it’s still on the same wall on Water Street, but I think it reads “I r o NY” — the letter “r” and “o” create heart shape. If anybody knows what this is, please let me know!

Happy found Tuesday :) It’s raining here…

Found Type: Instruments…



Found these a while ago on the white brick wall on Jay Street next to Brooklyn Roasting Company (loving their coffee!) just getting around to posting it today… I think it’s the same person who did the “I prefer…” wall. Makes you stop and read.