Today’s Bridge 10.18.12


What a lovely beautiful fall morning we had here in Brooklyn! Day like this deserves a snap :) Have a great day, everyone! xo Hijiri

Happy Weekend!


Wishing you all a happy weekend! Pictures are from our trip to Portland, ME last weekend — It was lovely :) Hoping to share more about it soon… Our blog has been having all sorts of problems, I couldn’t update much this week… We are working on it and will be back with slightly new designs and regular posting soon! xo Hijiri

Neon Love


All summer long, I was enjoying my neon toe nails and neon sandals (see picture :)) — and look what I found! Neon yellow handle spoons!

And neon pots!

They are both from SHELTERBLACK. They have tons more cool and neon stuff, I was in love immediately. I think I’m going to print in neon colors soon… stay tuned on that…

Hope you had a nice long labor day weekend!

Bike Shadow…


I saw this bike shadow this morning and I was inspired to take a photo of it… Does that happen to you? And yes, I love instagram filters… :)