Neon Love


All summer long, I was enjoying my neon toe nails and neon sandals (see picture :)) — and look what I found! Neon yellow handle spoons!

And neon pots!

They are both from SHELTERBLACK. They have tons more cool and neon stuff, I was in love immediately. I think I’m going to print in neon colors soon… stay tuned on that…

Hope you had a nice long labor day weekend!

Letter Pot

These letter pots from mysweetsavannah are so cute – you can buy each letter to spell some words with your plants!

I used to own lots of plants in San Francisco but since I moved here, I have zero plants… these make me want to go get my own little plants again… I would buy “g” “r” “e” “e” “n” or “l” “i” “f” “e” maybe? What would you spell with these?!