Bike Shadow…


I saw this bike shadow this morning and I was inspired to take a photo of it… Does that happen to you? And yes, I love instagram filters… :)

Knitted Bicycle in DUMBO

knitted bike in dumbo

Last summer, I found the knitted bicycle in Lower East side… and another one is in DUMBO right now! On York street near Front street. (These pictures were taken 1.5 weeks ago, it was still there this weekend)

knitted bike in dumboAfter the post last year, my friend Hine saw it and she found the artist: it is done by olek — if you look at the website, you see so many knitted stuff, it is so amazing to look at all her work! If you ever found a knitted bicycle or something else like this, then it is olek.

Knitted Bicycle

I was walking around Lower East Side over the weekend and look what I found… A knitted bicycle! or a bicycle covered with bike sweater. It definitely caught my eye. How crazy! You never know what you’d find in the city… and I love it :)

(and it was 96 degrees out.)