Love (New York City)

Came across this cute “Love (New York City)” card this morning and had to share :) By Kathryn Whyte. I love her style! Very simple and cute. Her hand-lettering is great, too.

and how cute are these baby cards?! Love <3

Very inspiring for my next card line, too… :) Happy Friday! xo Hijiri

Bloomsbury Tape

Bloomsbury decorative sticky tape by summerville. I love using fun tapes, especially for wrapping gifts or decorating a card with them and so this is calling my name so loudly and clearly :) Love all the flower illustrations, they are so great! LOVE <3

(first seen via poppytalk, images via summerville)

2011 Buy Local Calendar

Did you get your 2011 calendar(s) yet? I have a few, but this 2011 Buy Local Calendar by Claudia Pearson is my favorite this year (Thank you, Randy!) — It’s on our kitchen wall nice and proud!

This 2011 calendar acts as a handy reminder of what we should be buying locally every month. Each page shows a bright, cheerful seasonal fruit or vegetable.

January is a pear month so if you see pears at your local supermarket, that’s what you should be buying :) So cute and brilliant!

I love all the illustrations, I might have to frame them after this year has been over… :)

City Posters

I’m always drawn to prints/posters that are city related… I have a few city map collections, I’ve been thinking of adding a few more to the family… and these are calling my name.

New York Print by Blanca Gómez:

San Francisco Poster by Fleet Street Scandal: