Franklin Ave Poster

Spotted a cool poster for Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn. Lots of cool illustration and hand-lettering typography, I had to take photos…

Hope you had a nice weekend :)

and hello, another week, let’s be productive!

Lilla Rogers Studio

Lilla Rogers Studio represents amazing artisits/illustrators and I really like their website, it’s playful, it’s fun, it’s fully illustated and it fits their brand perfectly.

I love eveyone‘s work represented by the studio, too! No matter where you click, you’ll find some inspirations!

Jenn Ski:

Matte Stephens:

Elvis Swift

I have been a fan of Elvis Swift, I love his work, the lines he draws have its own voice and rhythm.

When I used to work at the agency, we were getting so many mailers from artists and photographers and his mailer was definitely one of my favorites and I still keep it for my inspirations.

Charlie Parker Jazz Festival

Last weekend was the 15th annual Charlie Parker Jazz Festival and I got to go to Sunday one at Tompkins Square Park in the East Village. Charlie Parker is one of my favorite jazz musicians so I really wanted to go to honor his music so did everyone in the park!

There was this artist in the park he draws jazz! Pretty cool.