Little Artist


Mili loves to draw and paint, it is fun to see her enjoying creating :)

The other day, she drew our family portrait (below) and made us all surprised! “The big one is Daddy, next to him is Mama, and the tiny one is Mili,” she said. There are eyes and the size is right, I was wowed.


These little things really surprises me and inspires me, thank you, Mili!

One Girl Cookies


Hope you had a nice weekend… my weekend was filled with friend visits and laughter :) My friend and I got to hang out at the newly opened One Girl Cookies in DUMBO which I’d been waiting for for a long time, that was great! Had a whoopie pie, of course :P

They have a big wall of art in their shop and it is really cute. I was sitting right by it so I couldn’t take a whole picture of it, but it’s the details that make you smile. You will see their signature sweets everywhere in the illustration of DUMBO and some vintage photo collage — so sweet :)



Have a sweet week!

Exhibition: Paul Sietsema

A while ago, when I went to MoMA, I saw this great exhibition of Paul Sietsema. I just found some photos sitting on my desktop waiting to be posted so I am finally getting around to it… but I was blown away with his amazing work.

Always love typography on museum wall. I wanna paint my wall with types, too…

so when you look at this, you think he made this art by using the newspaper… but this newspaper, one letter by one letter, was drawn by Paul! I couldn’t believe it.

*Tried to take a close-up picture so you can see the letters are all drawn in, but it is a bit blurry… oops. but it is definitely done by hand. Great lettering.

I also love the neon pink paint can stain or some sort.

and yes, this is a drawing, too. Amazing.

More about the exhibition here.

oh and we tried to go into Tim Burton’s exhibition, but it was sold out for the day. Yes, they are limiting the numbers of people. Next time for sure. Saw this giant sculpture of his, though :)

and I loved the Alice in Wonderland! Have you seen it yet? :)