Found Art in Takamatsu Japan



It’s been a little while since I posted on Found Tuesday… I’ll be posting some I found while I was in Japan — this cute illustrations were for “No Parking” area in shopping arcade in Takamatsu city, Japan (my hometown!) It was so cute I had to take photos :) *There was a bicycle parked right next to the sign on the bottom photo — not cool!*

Happy Found Tuesday! xo Hijiri

Project for Sea -Light in Takamatsu

Another art project by Noboru Tsubaki called “Project for Sea -Light in Takamatsu” (うみあかりプロジェクト).

Under the direction of Noboru Tsubaki, various local groups are working together to create large illuminated sculptures that will be exhibited in different locations in central Takamatsu near the station and port. On the eve of the festival, the sculptures will be unveiled in a special event at the port.

((From the festival evening below — all the illuminated sculptures gathered around the station and the port. I wish I were here for this, but I got in a bit too late. Only this picture below is from the Setouchi International Art Festival website, photo by Osamu Nakamura))

After this evening, each illuminated sculpture has placed all over the Takamatsu city, lot of them are placed in a long arcade area, main shopping area in Takamatsu. As I was walking around, I found many of them, here are some photos of what I saw!

I loved seeing the details that they put into each sculpture.

Some were hung in the arcade ceiling.

Each sculpture was created by the local art schools or groups under the direction of Noboru Tsubaki, I can tell they had so much fun creating! I would have joined if I had the opportunity… I think it’s awesome to get everyone involved for the art festival.

Prosthetic Restoration of Our Memory

Next up is “PROM: Prosthetic Restoration of Our Memory” by Noboru Tsubaki. The mirrored building caught my eye immediately.

Tsubaki has cloaked the former Takamatsu Port Administration Office in mirror panels so that the structure merges with the surrounding scenery. The interior space houses a café and an exhibit designed to stir memories of the people who used to pass through this port. Various remnants of the building such as ferry timetables are presented in the form of a relief.

These title panels are placed for each work and also numbered — they have the Passport and you can collect stamps from each work you see. Kind of like a stamp rally. I wish I were there long enough so I could have joined the stamp rally… I’m sure kids would love that :)

Inside, there was a huge screen with changing objects… This used to be a Takamatsu Port Administration Office, I saw few things from the port office, it was all painted over in white…

Setouchi International Art Festival 2010

Here is another awesome timely event that I was really lucky to be able to see some of — Setouchi International Art Festival 2010. It’s going on until October 31st this year, on the seven islands of the Seto Inland Sea + Takamatsu! (where I grew up!)

I was really excited to see my hometown proudly hosting the art festival, the signs were everywhere in the city, people were so enthusiastic about the whole thing…

Love the view of Seto Inland Sea.

Blue and white, stripes were everywhere — very summery!

I will be posting lots of photos this week from the art festival!