Found Art: Dachshund at Ikea

This week is all about packing and moving (the big move is tomorrow! Wish us luck!) and Ikea trip… and look what I found at the furniture pick up waiting area — dachshunds :) ((OK, not so much the 3rd one with the striped body)) The tails are wagging, too, the happy ones! Made me smile :)

Speaking of dachshund… Maia is ready to move! (we are so not ready, though)

Have a lovely day, everyone! I’ll be packing all day… see you tomorrow morning :)

2 thoughts on “Found Art: Dachshund at Ikea

  1. Good luck with your move… I’d be happy to take Maia off your hands, if it would help… you know, since she’s all packed and ready to go ;)

  2. *gemmifer*


    She was actually really stressed while we were packing and moving… so she was at our friends’ place on the big day. Thank you for the offer ;) made me smile :)

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