Found Type: Mermaid Oyster Bar

Great hand-lettering of the Mermaid Inn (Oyster Bar) chalkboard in West Village. Caught my eye. Sounds good, too, right? :)

((It was a night time, sorry for the dark and blurry photos…))

I LOVE their logo from the second I saw it, designed by the amazing Louise Fili. This is the store sign of the Oyster Bar.

and I love their matches, too. I usually take home few to light candles at home :)

((image via Louise Fili website))

and their food? SO GOOD!! There, it completes everything.

Off to printing! See you tomorrow. xo Hijiri

Found Type: Wine Chalkboard Sign

Found this great handwritten chalkboard sign in front of Blanc & Rouge — a wine shop in DUMBO. Isn’t it lovely? Love the cursive type and decorative lines. Very nice!

On the back is a “Gin made in Brooklyn” sign. This side is cool, too.

By the way, did you see the font day over at Design*Sponge yesterday? I LOVED it!!! :)
Have a great day, everyone. I’m off to printing all day today…

Found Type: galapagos art space

Passed by the galapagos art space in DUMBO, Brooklyn. (I have to go here sometime very soon, it looks so cool!)

Cool storefront letters:

Handwritten chalkboard :: I like how they did the titles

Mini Goals Chalkboard

I was reading this article on etsy, but I couldn’t help looking into MaryKateMcDevitt’s shop before I finish reading the article… these mini goals chalkboards are super awesome! I love the hand lettering, the design of the chalkboards and the concept so much! I need one, I can’t decide which one yet, but I thought it was such a cute way to motivate yourself with mini goals everyday. They are “mini” goals so it’s not overwhelming, which makes easier to accomplish :)

Mini Goals Chalkboard 2 Things To Do:


oh and it comes with “Hooray” eraser and “Mini Goals” chalk — how awesome!


Lovely Day:


Don’t Forget (love the lettering!!):



BTW (this would be so cute to do with my hubby everyday):


What are your mini goals for today?!

Mine: 1. order polymer plate 2. ship out all the orders ((see, this would be perfect for my office…))