Found Art: Chalk Hearts

I went to SOHO yesterday and noticed these chalk heart drawings everywhere — I’m not sure why they were there, but they sure made me look and happy :)

Found Type: Show the World Your Spirit!


I found this a while ago… May to be exact… “Show the World Your Spirit!” — Right outside of our apartment. Caught my eye. What an uplifting thing to see! Gave me smile and energy :)

*Can’t believe I only posted 2 things in June… and it’s July already. What?! Things are busier than ever with a toddler and her home school… but I have an Intern (2 interns this month), I’ve been printing things here and there… I should get back to posting more stuff here. Seriously.

Found Art: Chalkboard Sign


Found this chalkboard sign for a wine shop and made me smile :) Great chalk art!

Found Type: Summer Wines

Blanc & Rouge — a wine shop in DUMBO always has great hand-lettering chalkboard sign. This one is no exception. Lovely “Summer Wines” lettering.

I so wish I could just sip a little… (but I can’t! I’m pregnant…)