Spider-Man in DUMBO


A couple of weeks ago, I was walking around my neighborhood and saw these posters above and thought it was so cool for a NYC Ballet. Snapped a picture without realizing that this was a prop for the new Spider-Man movie until few days after… The whole neighborhood was covered with the Spider-Man world!




There were more, but aren’t these great?! I can’t wait to watch the movie and spot these on the background…


It’s a bit hard to see, but there was a crowd right under the Manhattan Bridge one day and I heard a lot of fireworks sound… oh and I did see a Spider-Man :)

Academy Awards Nominee Title Design



Did you watch Oscars last night? I barely watch tv now that I have a baby, but last night was exception. I loved the nominee title designs so much that I had to take pictures and post about it. There were few variations, too. Thought it was very cool.