Like a Girl

On Sunday, February 1st was the Superbowl and this commercial almost made me tear up. Such an eye opening commercial! It was the most memorable commercial for sure. Makes me think, especially now I have a daughter. I want her to be confident as a girl for sure and live strongly as a girl.

Super Bowl XLlll

Yesterday was my annual foot ball day! Super Bowl! It was a good game. I saw some good commercials, too. (and this is the main reason why I watch super bowl)

E*Trade: this talking baby campaign since last year is still pretty funny! This time with another baby – ohhhh, I laughed out loud! this one is different and weird at first, but pretty good, I thought. When the koala bear gets punched, they got me right then.

Coca-Cola: This was the cutest one! Love the story, love the animation!

You can view more on YouTube from here! Hope you had a fun weekend!!

United Airlines Commercial

I have been seeing these awesome commercials for United Airline and I just had to post them here. Especially, when you watch it in HD Television, the animation looks so amazing and I love how each style is different – very artistic!

Sea Orchestra:

Two Worlds: