Asics Running New York Campaign

I saw this Asics ad campaign (they have TV commercial and other visual executions on their website, too) in the city the other day and I had to take pictures — love the typography treatments! It just looks beautifully done… I’m sure runners can relate to the words and energy showing in this ad…

Found Art: High Line

You can find a few art at the High Line (oh, I love it there), this is a billboard art you see from up there that caught my eye. When I see a billboard, I think of advertising because I was in advertising industry for a long time and that’s what we did — place an ad on the billboard. So I was a bit confused when I first saw this because there was no logo for anything…?!

and then, there was a title and description:

Very interesting… and deep… (I know it’s a bit small, but I hope you can read it)

I just love that you can find art literally everywhere in this city!

Converse One Outdoor Ads

Have you seen these Converse One outdoor advertisements? Well, my initial reaction when I saw was “how bizarre!” but it definitely caught my eye and when I looked around, everyone on the street, especially people with kids were talking about this ads! That’s a good sign, getting all the attentions…


How funny are these? See the ears (horns?) — Converse.


It just had these strong visuals and a line “customize at Converse One” and the website address… so I went to the website and there… that was it. I spent so much time trying to customize my own chuck taylor! It is fun and what a great gift that makes?! Your one and only original converse sneakers for yourself or for your loved one :)


The website is so well designed and easy to use. Give it a try right here!


For Humans Only

When I was in LA, I saw this outdoor / guerrilla advertising for District 9 (the movie) everywhere. Bus stations, street benches, phone booth… I didn’t know what it was at first, but it caught my eye, I had to take a closer look… it was like the whole LA was turned into a Sci-Fi movie or something (well, that’s the intention) — I thought it was a fun and clever way to do the advertising for the movie. I love when it’s unexpected. When I looked at their site and preview, I saw the same graphics everywhere so it’ll make more sense once you watch the movie, I’m sure…



Happy Friday!! (for humans only)