8 Days Until Christmas

Lovely Kate Spade‘s window display in SoHo. I always LOVE and admire what they do for their company brand, their products are great, too.

JOY to the world!

Found Type: Fashion Window Display

I took these pictures in July, but found lots types on fashion window display.

Brooklyn Industries in West Village window:

Some letters are on the window, some letters are 3-D and hanging in the store — gives interesting depth!

and neon letters at Marc Jacobs store in West Village:

Speaking of Fashion… tonight is a Fashion’s Night Out in NYC! I had fun last year, it’ll be fun this year, too… Happy Friday, everyone! xo Hijiri

Hanae Mori Omotesando Window

Apparently, I have taken more than 500 pictures while I was in Japan, you will be seeing lots of them for the next few weeks… :)

I saw this window display at Hanae Mori building in Omotesando, Tokyo and I had to stop and admire the beauty of Japanese samurai armor… how awesome!! I was drawn to them so much, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a samurai armor in a fashion window display before and it absolutely had a strong yet awesome presence… I enjoyed it very much. Here are some snapshots I took… I hope you enjoy, too!

The detail is great!

Omotesando Street:

Anthropologie Snow Window Display

I am always amazed by how creative anthropologie window displays and store displays are all year round, but this one I saw at their Rockefeller Center location is by far my favorite!! Yes, the letter “S” “N” “O” “W” are falling down and accumulating. How awesome. I love it. I want this in my office window. Seriously.





The window next to it had lots of snowballs. :)


So inspiring!!