Anthropologie Snow Window Display

I am always amazed by how creative anthropologie window displays and store displays are all year round, but this one I saw at their Rockefeller Center location is by far my favorite!! Yes, the letter “S” “N” “O” “W” are falling down and accumulating. How awesome. I love it. I want this in my office window. Seriously.





The window next to it had lots of snowballs. :)


So inspiring!!

11 thoughts on “Anthropologie Snow Window Display

  1. I was just about to go to Anthropologie to take photos of our store window. It’s not like yours though. Their windows are always SO AWESOME!!!!

  2. How fantastic- its like a fantasy world!

    The Anthro near me has a giant igloo in the window made of foam blocks. I mean giant- you could hang out in it if you wanted (and who wouldn’t?!)

  3. The snow window display is such a great idea. I’d love to try and replicate one at home. Does anyone know where you can get foam letters?

  4. Jeanee-

    ohh I wanna see your area of the anthro window, too! I bet it’s great!!


    yes, definitely! I’m always inspired by their creativity.


    oh wow, a giant igloo?!?! That sounds awesome!! If you ever take a photo of it, please share!!


    woooo that would be a fun project to do! I can’t think of any form letters, but paper source has some kraft letters —

  5. This display is awesome, thanks for sharing! We don’t have Anthropology here in Vancouver, so it’s really fun to see this, am totally inspired by it.

  6. Inspiring just doesnt cut it for these FANTASTIC windows – they are just BREATHTAKING! I look forward to seeing the creative windows every season. It is like going to the best art museum I have ever been to. Thank you to all of the Anthropologie Display Artists for all your hard work and brilliant creativity! Happy Holidays :-)

  7. To make styrofoam letters yourself go to your local craft store that carries floral supplies like Michaels or Hobby Lobby and purchase a styro cutter. They come in a battery version and a plug in version. They melt the styrofoam so just trace your letters onto the foam and cut away. There are also styrofoam fabricating companies who can cut it for you but they may be limited in font types.

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