DIY Event with Marimekko

Tonight is the Fashion’s Night Out! There are soo many awesome events happening throughout NY and other cities all over the country, are you planning to attend any? I experienced the FNO last 2 years and I know how crazy it gets, I’m not sure if I could go this year with 36 weeks pregnant belly… but this DIY event with Marimekko at the Crate and Barrel on Madison Avenue sounds so fun that I wanted to share!

…to create a custom necklace made from the bold color and pattern of Marimekko fabric as you enjoy music and refreshments.

I guess DUMBO is having lots of events tonight also, I might stop by few since it’s right here in my neighborhood… What are your plans? :)

From the Fashion’s Night Out…

From this year’s Fashion’s Night Out… (wow, I guess this was 2 weeks ago. Time flies so fast lately, I can hardly keep up…)

A live Ken dolls truck! Spotted in SOHO. As you can see, it was surrounded by so many girls and boys! :)

It was so crazy everywhere that night. It sure was way bigger than last year and packed with so many people!

Happy Friday :)

Found Type: Fashion Window Display

I took these pictures in July, but found lots types on fashion window display.

Brooklyn Industries in West Village window:

Some letters are on the window, some letters are 3-D and hanging in the store — gives interesting depth!

and neon letters at Marc Jacobs store in West Village:

Speaking of Fashion… tonight is a Fashion’s Night Out in NYC! I had fun last year, it’ll be fun this year, too… Happy Friday, everyone! xo Hijiri