Found Art: DUMBO

On my block in DUMBO, I started seeing these series of art — made me look! I especially love the “Fried Chicken” below. Not sure who’s behind these, but it keeps popping up here and there…

Hope you all had a great weekend! xo Hijiri

Subway Art: 34th Street / Penn Station

These awesome mosaic walls are coming from 34th Street station / Penn Station (A, C, E line) — very dramatic!

((so sorry for the blurry pictures, my camera was in different mode and it came out all out of focus a bit… oops.))

Yellow/gold wall with wild animals…


but these bears look like they are a couple and the girl bear is wearing a dress!



The other side of the wall — lots of different scenes… so moody and theatrical…



The crown’s expression and all the details are so great. I could have spent more time just looking at the walls here!


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Found Art

This found art is on the wall of a restaurant (I can’t remember the name…) on Bowery Street in NYC (east village area) — catches my eye every time. The frame is painted, too, and the big hands are holding the frame… so many dimensions in one piece! I like the air conditioner is even incorporated into the painting, too.


It is fun to walk around the city — you can find lots of things! :)