Subway Art: 8th Street #3


From the 8th Street Station (N&R line). I heart NY, maybe? See #1 and #2 from this station, too. There are a lot of cute mosaic art here!

Subway Art: 23rd Street #2



I know I’ve posted some of the photos from the 23rd Street station before, but I was at this station the other day and couldn’t help but capturing more of the cute hats :)

There are a bunch more! Each hat design is different. So cute!

Subway Art: Lorimer Street



It’s been a while since I did a Subway Art post… but I’m still finding new ones that I haven’t seen after 5 full years living in NYC! This one is from Lorimer Street Station in Williamsburg. MAN KIND!

Subway Art: 77th Street Station

Haven’t done a Subway Art post in a while… but I found a new one at 77th Street station in Upper East Side (number 6 line). This is towards Downtown/Brooklyn platform. The wall was filled with pretty mosaic flowers as you can see.