Twenty-Eight Feet Rose

You will find this giant rose on the New Museum if you walk by there right now. Entitled Rose ll by Isa Genzken, it’s the second sculpture to be presented as part of the New Museum’s ongoing Façade Sculpture Program (The first one was “Hell, Yes!” by Ugo Rondinone). It’s a pretty (and HUGE) rose indeed. Caught my eye immediately! More information here.

I should stop by this museum again soon…

Happily Ever After Is So Once Upon A Time

I stopped by Threadless “New Art. New Ideas.” tee-shirt launch party at the New Museum last Friday — it was fun :) This is the chosen design by artist Daniel Abensour. 8-color screen print! (+plastisol ink and a chino additive for softness.)



I also got a goodie bag, too, thank you, Threadless!

After I got home, I looked around their website for inspirations… (I used to check their website for some cool tee-shirts design like all the time! I hadn’t done that for a long time…) and look what I found…

Happily Ever After Is So Once Upon A Time tee! Oh, how I love this so much :) So cute, I would wear it if the girl’s size small wasn’t all sold out…



They now offer type tees. (sorry, if this has been around for a long time, I just found out!) and of course, they are accepting submissions, if you have a good slogan, submit away! Your tee might be printed :)

New Museum

I’ve been wanted to check out the new museum called New Museum and so last Thursday after my work, I stopped by there because it opens until 10pm and it is free after 7pm every Thursdays.

The building is pretty awesome, lots of neat details outside and inside, it is different and unique for sure.

From Bowery Street:

Hell, Yes!

and there are a few exhibitions going on at the moment, but 2,3,4 floors are filled with the exhibition called “After Nature” — very conceptual, deep and dark, actually, it is the imaginative world of after all the human beings being eclipsed…

I saw a “live” sculpture for the first time there! A live person, being an art piece, he was moving around (on the floor) though, that was something.

They have their “new” original something throughout the museum, it is so fun to see them:

New anti stress food (chocolate):

New kiss food (mint):

and I even liked the tiles in the women’s restroom:

The book store they have is so great, too!!