Subway Art: Lorimer Street



It’s been a while since I did a Subway Art post… but I’m still finding new ones that I haven’t seen after 5 full years living in NYC! This one is from Lorimer Street Station in Williamsburg. MAN KIND!

Today’s Bridge 1.21.11

Today’s Bridge is from a different part of town — Williamsburg :)

A bit hard to see, but the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge from a subway ride on the Williamsburg Bridge. The sun was setting, the sky was pink and it was beautiful.

Walking down on Broadway towards Williamsburg Bridge. Yes, snowed more last week.

Hope you had a lovely weekend :) Let’s have a great week! xo Hijiri

Subway Art: 50th Street Station

Today’s Subway Art is coming from 50th Street station (red line 1) — I think it’s the cutest one yet! Alice in Wonderland station :)

LOVE the heart <3

It’s showing its age, too…

Absolut Brooklyn

When I wait for subways lately, this billboard always makes me look: Limited edition Absolut Brooklyn — A Spike Lee Collaboration. The bottle is in the middle of the brownstones, illustrated inside (that’s the bottle design!) and

on the stairs, it says:

“Brooklyn-Goodlookin’ Bucktown Breuckelen Brooklyn in da house”

I need to buy a bottle to keep! Oh and perfect gift from Brooklyn, also ;)