Found Art: High Line

You can find a few art at the High Line (oh, I love it there), this is a billboard art you see from up there that caught my eye. When I see a billboard, I think of advertising because I was in advertising industry for a long time and that’s what we did — place an ad on the billboard. So I was a bit confused when I first saw this because there was no logo for anything…?!

and then, there was a title and description:

Very interesting… and deep… (I know it’s a bit small, but I hope you can read it)

I just love that you can find art literally everywhere in this city!

Absolut Brooklyn

When I wait for subways lately, this billboard always makes me look: Limited edition Absolut Brooklyn — A Spike Lee Collaboration. The bottle is in the middle of the brownstones, illustrated inside (that’s the bottle design!) and

on the stairs, it says:

“Brooklyn-Goodlookin’ Bucktown Breuckelen Brooklyn in da house”

I need to buy a bottle to keep! Oh and perfect gift from Brooklyn, also ;)