Found Type: Red Dumpster




There is this red dumpster with big sprayed type on Water street… catches my eye!

*Every Tuesdays now on, you will see some “found” posts! Found Tuesday it is :)

First Snow of the Year


It snowed last Saturday for the first time this year! I think everyone has been waiting for it :) Hope your weekend was a good one!



I have been thinking of having some sort of schedule on my blog… it’s been 4 years (!) and I always post whatever I was inspired by that day, but maybe try new things this year and see if I like that… and hopefully, this blog can be more focused and also, you like some kind of predicted contents everyday… I’ll let you know! Thank you for stopping by always :)

Found Art: DUMBO

On my block in DUMBO, I started seeing these series of art — made me look! I especially love the “Fried Chicken” below. Not sure who’s behind these, but it keeps popping up here and there…

Hope you all had a great weekend! xo Hijiri

Found Type: FMEC

Hope you had a nice weekend… I had a shopping (for Japan!) and early dinner day with my friend in the city yesterday :) and while I was having fun, I found this sprayed letters “F M E C” everywhere on Houston Street. Blue on yellow. It stood out to me so I snapped a couple photos…

Have a great Monday, everyone!