Anthropologie Store Display


I was so stoked that I had a chance to stop by Anthropologie store in Rockefeller Center last week — it’s like going to a museum! Their styling and art direction of the whole store is always so impressive. Above is a window display; it looks like an artist’s studio — love how you can tell the story!

Below is an interesting installation by using yarns and chairs… there are few throughout the store…


and this installation below is made with bunch of fluorescent tube bulbs, definitely caught my eye.



Happy creative year! xo Hijiri

Anthropologie Store Display Design

Besides fining some types, I was enjoying all the store display designs at the Anthropologie store the other day (as always). I saw a lot more, but I couldn’t take all the pictures so here are some…

Awesome wall display by using crates and vintage boxes (above).

and how cool is this chair sculpture to the ceiling? Definitely caught my eye. Love the painting, too.

Very inspiring!

Flower Dress

Spotted at the Uniqlo store window in SOHO. Isn’t it so lovely? And I am so proud to say that the artist/designer behind this is one of my good friends, Mioko Mochizuki. Love all the different flowers she used and the colors are just so perfect…

She also made these fantastic flower short pants — LOVE!

When I went there, it was 30-something degrees outside, but it sure felt like Spring around these pretty flower clothing :) Awesome job, Mio-chan!!

Found Type: Fashion Window Display

I took these pictures in July, but found lots types on fashion window display.

Brooklyn Industries in West Village window:

Some letters are on the window, some letters are 3-D and hanging in the store — gives interesting depth!

and neon letters at Marc Jacobs store in West Village:

Speaking of Fashion… tonight is a Fashion’s Night Out in NYC! I had fun last year, it’ll be fun this year, too… Happy Friday, everyone! xo Hijiri