Arty Chairs


There are these cool arty chars in the new area on Old Fulton Street by the Pier 1. Caught my eye.


This one below is my favorite :) Reminds me of Maia the dachshund.


This the the new area that they added:


There are few more cool ones, but people were using them so I didn’t take pictures…

We are stuck at home for the Hurricane Sandy to pass today… hope nothing serious happens… Stay safe and dry if you are in East Coast! xo Hijiri

Anthropologie Store Display Design

Besides fining some types, I was enjoying all the store display designs at the Anthropologie store the other day (as always). I saw a lot more, but I couldn’t take all the pictures so here are some…

Awesome wall display by using crates and vintage boxes (above).

and how cool is this chair sculpture to the ceiling? Definitely caught my eye. Love the painting, too.

Very inspiring!