Flower Dress

Spotted at the Uniqlo store window in SOHO. Isn’t it so lovely? And I am so proud to say that the artist/designer behind this is one of my good friends, Mioko Mochizuki. Love all the different flowers she used and the colors are just so perfect…

She also made these fantastic flower short pants — LOVE!

When I went there, it was 30-something degrees outside, but it sure felt like Spring around these pretty flower clothing :) Awesome job, Mio-chan!!

Uniqlo Display

Uniqlo in SoHo always has bold and fun store display and right now, they are having all sorts of fun t-shirts (the website is cool as usual!) in the store, I had to go in and check some out… but what really caught my eye was these mannequins with monitors. Each mannequin is wearing a cool typographic t-shirts and related subject is playing in the middle. I had to watch it for a while because not only the t-shirts, but also the visual that was playing on each mannequin was all so cool!



It’s been exactly a year since I was last back in Japan and I’ve been thinking about Japan a lot these days, I have to make plans to go back really soon… I hope you all had a great weekend!