Happy (Snow) Friday!

It is snowing again today in Brooklyn, the snowflakes are HUGE.

Wishing you all a Happy Friday :) I will be busy getting ready for Heartfish Press (soft) launch on Tuesday so I’m taking a blog break until then… see you all next week on 1.11.11!

Picture is Maia this morning being a drama queen in the snow… oh she hates it! :)

snow maia

Found Snowmen

It’s so fun to see some creation in the snow… I found these snowmen on Washington Street and made me smile :) Aren’t they awesome?

There is a hill and people were sledding all day yesterday. I wish I had a sled… looked so fun!

Today’s Bridge 12.27.10 (evening)

I couldn’t help taking more pictures of the snow and the bridge… It was so crazy outside! No car could drive the road so there was no car (we couldn’t even move our rental car!), few people were walking around, but the town was dead quiet, I had to walk in 20 inches of snow and it was freeeeezing. brrrrrrrr

This is Manhattan Bridge from Washington Street.

and Front Street…

We had tickets to Wintuk show last night (a little Christmas present for us) so we went into the city, it was just as crazy. The show was fun :)

Today’s Bridge 12.27.10

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas… We drove back on Christmas night, actually, due to the expected snow storm — thank goodness, we did, yesterday all day was a crazy snow storm! And look what it did to our streets…

This is on Plymouth Street, looking down the 2 bridges. Usually looks like this.

Poor car… (our rental car is behind this and pretty much the same condition. aww)

Wish us luck getting our rental car out to return it today…