Today’s Bridge 4.17.11

Yesterday was a happy Spring day (a bit windy and cold, but sunny and nice!), I was swamped, but I had to drag myself out and enjoy the Spring even a little bit… I’m glad I did! The cherry blossom trees by the Manhattan Bridge were in bloom and it was so pretty :) Sakura + Bridge. I didn’t think I would be able to see them together!

Happy Monday! xo Hijiri


Have you been enjoying the Spring?! :) LOVE my walk with Maia everyday, I am finding lots of changes in nature and flowers blooming everywhere. It is always so inspiring.

These photos of Sakura are from Central Park. These are the kinds that I grew up with in Japan, but I see few different kinds of cherry blossoms here in NY… they are all so pretty, I wish it never goes away!

It has been such a busy week for me, I have to run around all day today so I am leaving you with these pretty photos and smiles :) Happy Friday, everyone! See you on Monday.