Folded :: The Origami Collection :: The Final Products

and here are the final products… (see “in the making” post here!)

The pop up card — the moment of the truth….

yay! The flower blooms! :)

I love the surprise when you open the card — there are spaces for your personal message, too :)

and the paper flowers — the cotton papers gives really nice texture and quality. I love how it came out!

I’m thinking of attaching either magnet or push pin… or double-side tape for present wrapping…

and this is the bigger flowers — perfect for a special present wrapping :)

It was so fun creating! Thank you so much, Jack + Jenn and Jody from Brin & Nohl!! Make sure to check out their final products, too!!

p.s Jack + Jenn and Jody, you guys will receive different flowers — it’ll be a surprise! :)

Folded :: The Origami Collection :: In the Making

The project Folded :: The Origami Collection with Jack + Jenn and Jody from Brin & Nohl came to the end! It was so fun creating something different inspired by folded origami, I hope they enjoyed creating as much as I did… :)

Since my last inspiration post, I had to try lot of different things, lot of them didn’t work well because I usually work with 110lb+ papers and they do not like to be folded… (maybe once, but no more than twice)

oh, and I had 2 ideas going on, one was the pop up cards and one was the paper flowers out of recycled papers. Well, I couldn’t decide in one direction so I tried both ideas! Here, I will share some images from the “making of” and then, later this morning, I will have the final product post so stay tuned…

After trying and failing, I decided to just use the thin papers so they fold nicely. I wanted to make an original pattern by printing with wood type… and picked a word “HELLO” — greeting word!

Wood type set on Vandercook press:

First run:

and then, I went through the paper one more time in different direction to make some overlapping and pattern…

OK, now the folding part…

Cutting and shaping…

so it makes flower like this. I love the pattern!

Keep creating the same flowers…

Now, start placing each flower onto the card…

Total of 9 flower papers…. Do you know what it’s going to be?! To be continued… :)


Here are “in the making of” my second idea — paper flowers! I have so many misprints that I really wanted to recycle somehow and this was a perfect opportunity. Here is a Live What You Love misprint…

On the back of the print, I drew 3 6-petal-flowers.

Cut them out… (and erase the pencil mark on the back)

and start forming each layer… lots of folding over petals and gluing them together…

I took my Iris letterpress misprints and tried it, too… this time, one flower layer from one whole print…

and oh my god, I LOVE these flowers! The final post will follow…!!

Folded :: The Origami Collection :: Inspiration 2

This project Folded :: The Origami Collection with Jack + Jenn and Jody from Brin & Nohl has been a bit put aside because of my move… but now we are all ready to finish creating and I just wanted to share my inspiration #2 before I share what I’ve been working and my final product.

From the first inspirational images we all gathered (see Jack + Jenn and Brin & Nohl inspirational images, too), I thought about creating a pop up card — I never seen a letterpressed pop up card and I thought it’d be fun to make and it’d be nice to see in 3D format. I also love the surprise / when the paper comes to life moment when you open the card, too…

so I went over to upon a fold (one of my favorite paper shops!) to get some more inspirations around the pop up cards….

Bloom Card:

This is so very cute! I love that it’s so small first and it opens like the flower’s blooming and the flower itself is a card with a message.

This is so awesome, I would hang it in my room forever!

Retro Balloon Card:

These are a bit more straightforward and simple (not simple to make, but it feels simple), but how pretty are they?

Popcard — Butterflies:

Popcard — Birdcage:

These are not pop up cards, but I love the idea of making pretty flowers out of re-used envelopes, books, lottery tickets, diaries, buttons and more… I do have lots of misprinted letterpress prints that I’ve been wanted to turn into something pretty rather than just throwing them away…

Handmade Flowers:

These come with double-sided tape on the back so you can attach to gifts… so cute.

(all the images are from upon a fold)

So fun!