Folded :: The Origami Collection :: Inspiration 2

This project Folded :: The Origami Collection with Jack + Jenn and Jody from Brin & Nohl has been a bit put aside because of my move… but now we are all ready to finish creating and I just wanted to share my inspiration #2 before I share what I’ve been working and my final product.

From the first inspirational images we all gathered (see Jack + Jenn and Brin & Nohl inspirational images, too), I thought about creating a pop up card — I never seen a letterpressed pop up card and I thought it’d be fun to make and it’d be nice to see in 3D format. I also love the surprise / when the paper comes to life moment when you open the card, too…

so I went over to upon a fold (one of my favorite paper shops!) to get some more inspirations around the pop up cards….

Bloom Card:

This is so very cute! I love that it’s so small first and it opens like the flower’s blooming and the flower itself is a card with a message.

This is so awesome, I would hang it in my room forever!

Retro Balloon Card:

These are a bit more straightforward and simple (not simple to make, but it feels simple), but how pretty are they?

Popcard — Butterflies:

Popcard — Birdcage:

These are not pop up cards, but I love the idea of making pretty flowers out of re-used envelopes, books, lottery tickets, diaries, buttons and more… I do have lots of misprinted letterpress prints that I’ve been wanted to turn into something pretty rather than just throwing them away…

Handmade Flowers:

These come with double-sided tape on the back so you can attach to gifts… so cute.

(all the images are from upon a fold)

So fun!

Upon a Fold

I found an awesome online shop called Upon a Fold via UPPERCASE blog and I am so excited that I can’t type fast enough!

“Here, you will find a unique collection of paper artistry from around the world – some items you’ll not have seen anywhere else. From beautiful jewelry and pretty stationery to fun paper planes and perfectly engineered pop-ups, this is a magical journey into the world of paper.”

You will find not only a lot of great and unique paper products, but also a lot of inspirations!!! Everything I see is just so awesome, smart, beautiful, unbelievable, fun, cool…. you feel it :)

Play More More More Notebook (aww so clever and fun!!!):

Rainbow Hoop Earrings (can you believe this is made out of papers?):

Wax Paper Pocket (very simple and useful!):

Jewelgraphy Card (this is just so perfect in any occasion and how creative!):

There are many, many more, please go over to Upon a Fold website and look around!


Funny coincidence, Jenn from Jack + Jenn, Jody from Brin & Nohl and I have been talking almost everyday over at Twitter ever since we found this Origami Jewelry… we all liked it and we are all inspired by folded object, papers, and origami etc… and it seems like it is going somewhere… so stay tuned, we’re going to do something soon… :) So fun!