Massive Letterpress Giveaway!

Remember, I paticipated letterpress swap and talked about my Iris print in progress here a while ago? Well, it’s all swapped and now, over at Poppytalk, Kelly from Paper Stories is organizing a massive gieaway! Yes, my Iris print is one of them!


Please go to Poppytalk and enter!! Good luck!!

Iris Letterpress Print

As you saw the “making of”… here is the finished letterpress print! Can you see I’m so ready for the spring? :)

I started using soy-based ink now and of course on 100% cotton paper so it is eco-friendly all around!

This means “iris” in Japanese (Sho-bu/Ayame)

All the overlapping part came out so nicely!

Available here.

New Print in Progress #3

Continue reporting on my new print in progress… (see #1 and #2 also)

Mixing the 4th color – light peach color:

on Vandercook Press:

Printing on top of where I left off… the background completed:

Mixing the 5th color… before:

and after:

on the press:

Printing on the background: love the overlapping part! (the studio doesn’t have a good light so all the pictures come out not as good as I hope they would, unfortunately…)

Mixing the last color – violet:

on the press:

and it’s almost there!

I will have another post about this print later soon so you can see it more in details! I shipped all 43 prints to Kelly yesterday, I can’t wait to see what other people did! It was really fun working on this as you can see :)

New Print in Progress #2

I posted about my plates for the letterpress swap before and I was so excited to start printing at my new studio! I am renting a studio in Brooklyn now so I can print more and more!

The first color, yellow:

It’s the same Vandercook press, but each press feels so different when you use it. Each press definitely has a personality, I think. This guy is cool, a bit tricky at first, but prints very nicely.

Mixing the second color – pale green:

Printing the second color:

Overlapped area:

The third color – using almost same green, I printed this on the green graphic from the second print…

Like this:

and I had to go… There would be one more color and the background will be completed.

And then, the main art will be on top of this background… do you like what you see so far?! The final print will be coming very soon!