New Print in Progress #3

Continue reporting on my new print in progress… (see #1 and #2 also)

Mixing the 4th color – light peach color:

on Vandercook Press:

Printing on top of where I left off… the background completed:

Mixing the 5th color… before:

and after:

on the press:

Printing on the background: love the overlapping part! (the studio doesn’t have a good light so all the pictures come out not as good as I hope they would, unfortunately…)

Mixing the last color – violet:

on the press:

and it’s almost there!

I will have another post about this print later soon so you can see it more in details! I shipped all 43 prints to Kelly yesterday, I can’t wait to see what other people did! It was really fun working on this as you can see :)

4 thoughts on “New Print in Progress #3

  1. Lyndsay-

    ohh I’m glad to hear that it’s interesting for you!! It is also a fun process! :)

  2. Lovely, lovely print. Although I know that this was for a swap, did you retain any to sell? I’d be interested in buying one. Thanks in advance,


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