New Print in Progress #2

I posted about my plates for the letterpress swap before and I was so excited to start printing at my new studio! I am renting a studio in Brooklyn now so I can print more and more!

The first color, yellow:

It’s the same Vandercook press, but each press feels so different when you use it. Each press definitely has a personality, I think. This guy is cool, a bit tricky at first, but prints very nicely.

Mixing the second color – pale green:

Printing the second color:

Overlapped area:

The third color – using almost same green, I printed this on the green graphic from the second print…

Like this:

and I had to go… There would be one more color and the background will be completed.

And then, the main art will be on top of this background… do you like what you see so far?! The final print will be coming very soon!

5 thoughts on “New Print in Progress #2

  1. Very cool! I have no idea how the traditional print process works (before the digital revolution). It’s fascinating to see the different stages. Thanks for sharing.

    p.s. might be time for some dog photos soon. let me know. I would like to feature you on my blog.

  2. Weronica-

    thank you! I’m glad you like the colors!! I love it, too :)


    yes, it’s really fun process, I think! I’m glad to get to share a little bit about it here :)

    and thank you so much for a possible feature on your lovely blog!! You mean my Maia the dachshund, right?

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