Iris Letterpress Print

As you saw the “making of”… here is the finished letterpress print! Can you see I’m so ready for the spring? :)

I started using soy-based ink now and of course on 100% cotton paper so it is eco-friendly all around!

This means “iris” in Japanese (Sho-bu/Ayame)

All the overlapping part came out so nicely!

Available here.

10 thoughts on “Iris Letterpress Print

  1. This is really beautiful Hijiri!:) I can’t wait to get my own print. Kindly hold it for me as I wait for the 15×24 LWYL print in yellow, please?:) Thank you so much! You are an inspiration.:)

  2. Patty-

    Thank you so much! It is reserved for you for sure! Sorry it’s taking me a while to print the poster… but soon, soon!! Thank you so much for your patient!! Really appreciate your support!!

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