Platen Press Workshop 1

As I mentioned, I took a platen press workshop over at the center for book arts all 2 days last weekend instead of Halloween fun and it was so worth it. I enjoyed it so much! I’ve been letterpress printing for 2 years now, but I have only been working with Vandercook so I’ve been wanted to learn how to operate platen presses properly (they are so different!).

This is my day 1.

The Printing Room:

They have drawers and drawers of metal types. After learning about the platen press, how to oil them etc. we set the metal types for a small business card size project.

I picked Spartan Black…

Pick up letters one by one… (the California Job Case sheet always comes in handy.)

“HELLO” letters all set!

and locking up in the chase…

On the 1st day, we learned how to operate the table top press — this is Chandler & Price.

Learned how to set the gauge pins…

adjust impressions and such…

and print!

The tabletop presses are so small so it’s perfect to print small things such as business cards. You won’t get the strong impression like Vandercook gives, but it prints great!

To be continued to day 2…

Lookbook: Holiday Market One

Poppytalk Handmade Lookbook is out! Check out page 9 for my Hello print :)

Filled with heaps (over 50 pages) of talent and holiday gift and decorating ideas from our holiday-themed market at Poppytalk Handmade.

[issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=101102214701-8b5174136c2340f9a463ef32d7a5b8e6 docname=hoidaymarketone username=Poppytalk loadinginfotext=Holiday%20Market%20One showhtmllink=true tag=holiday width=420 height=182 unit=px]

There are so many lovely holiday (or non-holiday) items there, I’d like every single one of them, please?

Hello, Busyness

Hello there, busyness. You come visit me often, but this weekend + this morning + this week, you are not kidding me around…

So please hang tight, Heartfish readers, I’ll have some fun report from my letterpress workshop I attended this weekend soon :) I hope you all had a nice fun Halloween weekend!! I had a “busyness” visit so I couldn’t do anything Halloween related this year… boo. Oh well… next year!

xo Hijiri

Psst… HELLO Giveaway

Lovely Jenn from A Merry Mishap is hosting a giveaway — share your “HELLO” moment and win my letterpress print!

My recent “hello” moment would be when my new dining table and my new couch came, and also, when my best friend had a fist boy and when I first saw his precious face! Don’t you love the “hello” moment?!