Today’s Bridge 11.3.10

Manhattan Bridge from Pearl Street. It was a beautiful fall day :)

Today’s Bridge 10.10.10

Yes, 10.10.10! It was a beautiful sunny day in NY. There is a farmer’s market right by the Manhattan Bridge every Sundays, I stopped by as usual and got some fresh vegetables and such. They had more selections now that it’s fall and it was fun just looking at them. So today’s bridge includes some photos from the market :)

Found Type: DUMBO Arts Festival 2010

I really enjoyed DUMBO Arts Festival last weekend! It was full of creativity and energy all day all night! I took lots of pictures, I will be shearing them in a few posts…

First up is always my favorite; Found Type!

Found spray painted type right by the archway…

Hand-written DUMBO Art Garage sign — nice to see lots of kids enjoying creating :)

Big 2629 numbers — making an awareness about recyclables.

I didn’t find this, (I so wish I did!) but it was so cool I had to share. “Everything is Fine” installation:

((via ad454 Flickr))

Found Type: Office

Speaking of Plymouth Street, there is this awesome old street sign of “OFFICE” that I’ve been meaning to take a photo of… finally, here it is! Isn’t this cool? Love the manicule, little curved letters, the textures… <3

The brick building has more letters — in vertical. I guess it used to be a paint company or some sort…