I was really shocked to see that the Water street mural was painted over in black with just the word “bright” the other day… I passed by this wall almost everyday for the past 3 years, saw many many photo/video shoots and it was one of my favorite spots in DUMBO…


Dumbo NYC blog has an interesting article about this and a note from CAM the artist… I guess it was time… but I miss it!


Found Art: Powerhouse Arena


One more find from Powerhouse Arena… I’m not sure if the wall is still in progress, but it’s fun to see graffiti art on the wall.


These close-up shots are for my inspirations…



Found Art: Neck Face

Neck Face. Dumbo Brooklyn

I didn’t just find this, but I finally took a photo — Art by Neck Face. You can see it from Jay street going towards the water, it’s on top of the brick building if you ever come to DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Found Art in South Williamsburg


When we went to Williamsburg, we walked all the way from south Williamsburg to the north area on Kent Avenue and I found lots of cool graffiti art. This house was covered by art, caught my eye. There were bunch more, but I couldn’t take photos… Saving it for next time!