DUMBO Arts Festival 2011 Brooklyn Bridge Park

Here are some DUMBO Arts Festival photos from the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Love this silver and gold balloon letters (too bad the wind was making the letters really tilted…) that read “Love You Forever.”

Big art made out of tree branches…

Some of the rocks had pretty stripe covers on them.

A white structural sculpture

Big red object — kids were loving it!

DUMBO Arts Festival 2011 (Night)

I really enjoyed DUMBO Arts Festival again this year, here are some photos from Friday night (it was raining so much…) — first couple are from the Manhattan Bridge Archway area.

and I can’t believe I missed this “Immersive Surfaces“! Found the YouTube video of it, how incredible!!

This project was my favorite — Sweet Stream Love’s River.

Visitors are invited to send short love notes by sms from their smartphone, to be displayed glowing in the rippling surface of the “water”: a surprise for the person you’re with, a note of longing to someone you haven’t seen for years, but can never forget, a word of thanks or a pang of loss.

I participated it, too :) I didn’t get to see my text message there, though.

Love how the type comes out and goes out… see my video I shot here:

Found Art: Mr. Walt Whitman Sculpture

This weekend, I was out everyday to explore DUMBO Arts Festival 2011 — I took few photos so I’ll be sharing them this week… but today, I found the Mr. Walt Whitman sculpture at the Washington Street lawn area (my friends saw him, I hadn’t seen him yet) so took a quick shot.

‘Walt Whitman’ is a life size sculpture in papier-mâché and florescent paint, commemorating this local icon of American culture whose voice celebrates modern American identity and paved the way for today’s artists. Whitman was editor of the Brooklyn Eagle from 1846 to 1848 and the first edition of Leaves of Grass was published on Old Fulton Street by brothers James and Andrew Rome.

DUMBO Arts Festival 2011

DUMBO Arts Festival 2011 is this weekend! Last year was a lot of fun so I am so excited about this year’s. If you are in NYC area, I highly recommend coming by and check it out, during the day and/or night. If you see a 9.5 months pregnant lady walking around, that’s probably me so say hello! :) xo Hijiri