DUMBO Arts Festival 2011 (Night)

I really enjoyed DUMBO Arts Festival again this year, here are some photos from Friday night (it was raining so much…) — first couple are from the Manhattan Bridge Archway area.

and I can’t believe I missed this “Immersive Surfaces“! Found the YouTube video of it, how incredible!!

This project was my favorite — Sweet Stream Love’s River.

Visitors are invited to send short love notes by sms from their smartphone, to be displayed glowing in the rippling surface of the “water”: a surprise for the person you’re with, a note of longing to someone you haven’t seen for years, but can never forget, a word of thanks or a pang of loss.

I participated it, too :) I didn’t get to see my text message there, though.

Love how the type comes out and goes out… see my video I shot here: