Brooklyn Lyceum Holiday Craft Market

I went to Brooklyn Lyceum Holiday Craft Market last Sunday to support local handmade artists. (I went there last year, too.) It feels so great to be a supporter — I understand how much time, effort and love goes into one product so much and I’d love to support them as much as I can! (as I have been supported by many people… I am truly grateful. Thank you always so much!)

I saw some familiar products, new products… bought few things for my loved ones and… myself. :)

There were a lot more holiday craft shows in NYC, but I have been just way too swamped to go all of them, which I am pretty disappointed about… (booo) I hope everyone (both craft shop owners and shoppers) had a great time this holiday season wherever you are!

Shop local! Shop handmade! :)

Renegade Craft Fair 09

This weekend was a Renegade Craft Fair weekend here in Brooklyn and I of course stopped by (I went there on Saturday) and checked out so many cool stuff, shopped (the most fun part!), met some people, hang out with my girl friends… it was so fun! This year, it was on the green area at the McCarren Park, (it was at the McCarren park pool last year) sunny all day, 80 degrees, it was hot and nice.

I could only take some pictures, I wish I could have taken all the products that caught my eye, but there were just way too many…

Albertine Press booth:


I have this awesome “chronology” print from letterpress swap (I’ll post about this very soon!) — it was very nice meeting you in person, Shelley!


Ampersands T-shirts (I’m sorry, it caught my eye, but I didn’t keep track on where this is from… does anyone know?):


Chalkboard Tee! How fun!



Yes, it comes with a little pocket for the chalk. So cute.


This would be a fun cute kids’ t-shirts for sure. They can draw things on their shirts all day!


brainstorm booth:


I like their prints. I got one for my office area :)



Seattle Show Posters:



Lots of cool posters!


Fun embroidery art:


Letter M:


Letter A:


Lovely booth from Jewelweeds:



kindling: these twig picture holders are super cute! I had to get one…


Something’s Hiding in Here: their booth is truly amazing. One of my favorites for sure.


Love this chalkboard calendar:


How cute this area?


awww the mustaches!!! I wanted to try it on… but I was a bit too shy to do that… (>_<)


Dolan Geiman: Their booth was one of my favorites, too! It was really cool.





I love this piece. Really great.


I couldn’t actually find some of the shops I was looking forward to seeing… there were so many people, so many booths, I somehow managed to miss those shops, which was kind of a bummer, but overall, I got lots of inspirations and respects, I can’t wait for the next year one already!!

Brooklyn Lyceum Craft Market

I wanted to share some photos from the craft market this weekend… it was fun, it was a bit slower than we all hoped to be (because it was raining all day, so bad outside all day… :() but it was a great experience, I think I learned a lot and I also realized how hard it is to do this all the time like some artisits do. I have so much more respect now for the people at the craft shows! It was so nice to see people’s reaction and encouragement in person, thank you so much for everyone who stopped by my booth and looked at my stuff!

My welcome area: I brought my wood type blocks to spell out my studio name (it’s mirrored letters so a bit hard to read, though, my stuff is printed with wood types so I wanted to show some at the table) and I wanted to print something for the show for everyone to take home, business cards are small and people might lose them so I printed “HELLO!” postcards on recycled chipboard. My studio information on the back. I love how it came out, it feels so good with the impressions!



Live What You Love prints:


and my new cards; alphabet greeting cards and silver and gold note cards… coming soon at my etsy shop! M for Mother card was a hit :) It’ll make a cute Mom-to-be card, too.


The alphabets are printed with wood types so I brought each letter for display, too. I will be posting a making-of pictures soon, too…


View from my seat:


That was another thing… I always enjoy shopping at the craft shows, but this time, I couldn’t shop… so that was a little sad part :) I met a few awesome talented people, though, it was great!

Oh, and I have to thank Randy, my husband so so much for all his support!! I couldn’t do this without him, and he was a big help as always! Also, my cousin-in-law, Greg and his girlfriend Caitlin came by from Boston! It was so nice to see you guys, thank you so much!

Weekend Wishes…

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy weekend! I’m doing my first craft show this Sunday at Brooklyn Lyceum so I’m going to my studio for more printing. My table is a mess with stack of papers right now, but after this weekend, I will clean… (promise to myself and Randy)


If you are in NYC area, please come by and say hi! I’m only doing Sunday show so I won’t be there tomorrow, though.

If you are not in NYC, I will miss you guys, I will take lots of pictures and post them here next week!

Have a great weekend!! xo