Folded :: The Origami Collection :: In the Making

The project Folded :: The Origami Collection with Jack + Jenn and Jody from Brin & Nohl came to the end! It was so fun creating something different inspired by folded origami, I hope they enjoyed creating as much as I did… :)

Since my last inspiration post, I had to try lot of different things, lot of them didn’t work well because I usually work with 110lb+ papers and they do not like to be folded… (maybe once, but no more than twice)

oh, and I had 2 ideas going on, one was the pop up cards and one was the paper flowers out of recycled papers. Well, I couldn’t decide in one direction so I tried both ideas! Here, I will share some images from the “making of” and then, later this morning, I will have the final product post so stay tuned…

After trying and failing, I decided to just use the thin papers so they fold nicely. I wanted to make an original pattern by printing with wood type… and picked a word “HELLO” — greeting word!

Wood type set on Vandercook press:

First run:

and then, I went through the paper one more time in different direction to make some overlapping and pattern…

OK, now the folding part…

Cutting and shaping…

so it makes flower like this. I love the pattern!

Keep creating the same flowers…

Now, start placing each flower onto the card…

Total of 9 flower papers…. Do you know what it’s going to be?! To be continued… :)


Here are “in the making of” my second idea — paper flowers! I have so many misprints that I really wanted to recycle somehow and this was a perfect opportunity. Here is a Live What You Love misprint…

On the back of the print, I drew 3 6-petal-flowers.

Cut them out… (and erase the pencil mark on the back)

and start forming each layer… lots of folding over petals and gluing them together…

I took my Iris letterpress misprints and tried it, too… this time, one flower layer from one whole print…

and oh my god, I LOVE these flowers! The final post will follow…!!


I hope you had a nice week and that you are ready for the long Memorial Day weekend… We are probably working on our loft, picking up our new dining table (SO exciting), finishing up the origami project

I have recently printed “HI!” cards for my shop customers :) Wood type all set on the Vandercook press here.

Hi, weekend! I’ve been waiting for you :) Have a great weekend, everyone!! xo Hijiri

Paris Cards

I hope you all had a nice weekend… I got home late last night from a fun girls trip to New Hampshire so a little late start for me…

I wanted to share these cute Paris cards from Darling Clementine Paper Empire while I catch up with my emails and work… aren’t they so cute?! I like each illustration and the typography, makes me so happy :)



I will be back with some pictures from my trip… :)

Monsieur Boudin

I’m a big fan of Lab Partners, their work always draws me in, inspires me and makes me happy… and you know what happened when I saw this Monsieur Boudin series?! My eyes turned into 2 little hearts! I love this so much, I have to have them all!! Well, they are only available as greeting cards in UK at the moment… on their blog, they say that it’ll be available in US soon, but haven’t heard anything about it yet so in the meantime, I am going to admire them here with my hearty eyes. (swooooooooooooon) I picked 4 here, but there are 12 total… and they are all so great.

MonsieurBouding_card1 Pantone 305


MonsieurBouding_card2 -pantone 305


*all the images are from Lab Partners Flickr page

(yes, Monsieur Boudin reminds me of my little Maia)