Monsieur Boudin

I’m a big fan of Lab Partners, their work always draws me in, inspires me and makes me happy… and you know what happened when I saw this Monsieur Boudin series?! My eyes turned into 2 little hearts! I love this so much, I have to have them all!! Well, they are only available as greeting cards in UK at the moment… on their blog, they say that it’ll be available in US soon, but haven’t heard anything about it yet so in the meantime, I am going to admire them here with my hearty eyes. (swooooooooooooon) I picked 4 here, but there are 12 total… and they are all so great.

MonsieurBouding_card1 Pantone 305


MonsieurBouding_card2 -pantone 305


*all the images are from Lab Partners Flickr page

(yes, Monsieur Boudin reminds me of my little Maia)