The High Line Section 2

The High Line section 2 was just opened and so I went to check it out with my lovely friends on Friday. There are few new art there — this is entitled “Still Life with Landscape” by Sarah Sze.

Sze created an elaborate metropolis of perspectival architectural models that are bisected by the High Line path itself. The sculpture forms an open gateway that visually frames the views to the north and south, as well as allows park visitors to physically enter and pass through the space it outlines. The architecture, complex and dynamic, acts as a bird, butterfly and insect observatory, with perches, feeding spots and birdbaths throughout.

Emerging from the shooting perspective lines of the landscape of the High Line, the sculpture extends through space like a perspective drawing in three dimensions. The structure climbs, spins, accelerates, and emphasizes the open trajectory of the High Line and modeling systems of development and growth. The artwork is simultaneously an observatory, an experiment, and a metropolis, evoking urban construction, scientific models, and attempts to capture nature in situ.

There are open lawn spaces in the new section 2. It was closed when I was there, but can’t wait to sit there and relax at some point :)

Found Art: High Line

You can find a few art at the High Line (oh, I love it there), this is a billboard art you see from up there that caught my eye. When I see a billboard, I think of advertising because I was in advertising industry for a long time and that’s what we did — place an ad on the billboard. So I was a bit confused when I first saw this because there was no logo for anything…?!

and then, there was a title and description:

Very interesting… and deep… (I know it’s a bit small, but I hope you can read it)

I just love that you can find art literally everywhere in this city!