Catch Me if You Can Opening Title Sequence

Yes, I know, this is from 2002, but I watched “Catch Me if You Can” on the TV over the weekend and saw this amazing opening title sequence again and I remembered the first time I saw this — I was so drawn to it and thought it was one of the best opening title sequences ever. It’s been always in my head ever since, but I didn’t have a blog to post my inspirations at that time so I’m doing it now. Still gets me every time… so good! Love the music, too. Very inspiring and well done. Love the typography and the illustration, all works so well together. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Catch Me if You Can Opening Title Sequence

  1. I love this too! The credits have a very heavy Saul Bass influence, which is never a bad thing. Great movie too, but I have to say the opening credits are what I remember and see in my head before anything else!

  2. hi, I totally agree with you. It is fabulous. I remember me sitting in the cinema stopped breathing during the opening scenes. Just watched with wide wide eyes. Love the colors, too. We had a class for typography in motion at the university and discussed some Saul Bass openings, he is great! You might check it on YouTube.

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